Omni Deep Dive

For a Dial Test we ask respondents to watch a video, and rate it as they go through. They move a dial horizontally to show how “engaging” they find the content. This gives clients a great view on the overall performance of an advert, programme or film, and specifically which parts work well (peaks in engagement) and which don’t. We also have a button which allows respondents to say that they “would have stopped watching” by now, and although they then continue to rate the programme, this is a good gauge of the proportion that would have turned off or switched over.

All the data collected (including any follow-up questions asked about the video) are uploaded into a user-friendly, web-based viewing platform we developed (Reel). This allows you to view the video alongside the engagement line and brings the data to life.  We have worked on over 250 dial tests for high-profile clients, including broadcasters and advertising agencies.